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Our drones reveal
  • Would you like to know at short notice whether a ship has been damaged below the waterline?
  • Do you need a quick and comprehensive inspection of the underwater hull of your vessels to check the condition of the paintwork, anodes, rudders, propellers or marine growth?
  • Do you want to inspect the condition or shape of a vessel’s underwater hull prior to docking? Or, do you want to make sure that a ship is properly positioned on the keel block or ship cradle before bringing it out of the water?
  • Do you want to inspect the condition of a quay wall or other structure below-water, or check for damage?
  • Do you want te find a lost object such as an anchor, rudder, hatch cover or cargo?

Let Prevent Survey carry out an inspection using an underwater drone for a complete picture at a more than reasonable price.

Save time and money

Prevent Survey inspects the underwater hulls of ships and boats using an underwater drone. Inspection using a drone is faster and more affordable than a traditional inspection using divers or than inspection in dry dock or on the slipway, saving you time and money. The cost per hour for the drone with surveyor is € 125.–, excluding travel expenses, milage and VAT.

How does an underwater drone work?

The surveyor brings the underwater drone to you on location. The underwater drone will be deployed to take a number of photographs, films and sonar images during the inspection, to give you a good idea of the vessel’s condition below the waterline. The average inspection take about 3 hours, excluding the travel time and the time for drawing up a report.

The underwater drone is a professional unit that is equipped with both a sonar system and a HD underwater camera. Within a few hours, you will have a complete overview of the vessel, even in turbid water. The inspection therefore provides information on the condition of the hull, for example, or of the rudder, the propeller, or other parts of interest.

Monitoring and reporting

You can view the images made by the drone in real time on a screen during the inspection. We can also record the images for you to look at later and, if required, produce a detailed report of the survey.

Prevent Survey

Prevent Survey inspections are efficient and therefore cost-effective. This is achieved using highly experienced surveyors and the very best equipment. As well as traditional equipment, Prevent Survey also employs the very latest technologies, such as underwater drones, aerial drones and 3D scanners. Furthermore, our experienced surveyors work with the necessary energy and enthusiasm, and do everything that they can to provide you with the best service possible.



Would you like to use a Prevent Survey underwater drone for your next inspection? Chat with us on WhatsApp option or call us on (+31) (0)78 303 9402.

Our drones reveal the invisible.