Prevent Survey

Prevent Survey BV

Prevent Survey B.V. was established in 2016 by two experienced surveyors. The idea was to use the knowledge regarding the cause of damage to prevent damage, in addition to the damage assesment. We offer a broad range of service, we work internationally and we respond at short notice to requests for expert advice and surveys on location worldwide.

Damage assessment

Surveys of damage to hull and machinery of inland shipping vessels, coastal and Deepsea vessels,  dredging material, on-shore and contracting materials, technical installations, machinery and cranes, water-related equipment and fixtures such as harbour quays, locks and bridges.

On-/ off hire surveys and charter surveys

We provide independent on- and off-hire /charter surveys for owners, charterers, contractors of vessels, floating equipment and wet/ dry equipment.  We agree that the extent of the survey will be and draw up a through report of the on hire condition, if necessary with ultrasonic thickness measurements, photographs, inventory lists and a review of the vessels certificates. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to make a 3D scan with our 3D laser scanner for the accurate recording of the condition of the vessels and technical objects. at the end of the period of charter service, we can carry out the off-hire survey and draw up an off-hire report. This report not only describes the damage and / or improvements that have arisen during the charter period, but also indicates a fair and reasonable financial compensation for these differences. The reports can also give an assessment of the repair costs and the associated time under repair.

3D laser scanner

  • Prevent Survey uses a 3D laser scanner for the accurate recording of vessels and technical objects
  • Prevent Survey uses the scanner, for example, for on-hire and off-hire surveys.
  • The vessel / object is scanned during both surveys and the  scans will be compared by using specially developed software. The differences of the scan from the both surveys can be found clearly. By using the 3D scanner, deviations which otherwise cannot be perceived visually (such as, for example, the deformation of a deck over a large surface) be determined.
  • The findings / deviations will be reported together with the calculated costs for repairs and time under repair.
  • By working in this way, the making of time-consuming reports are no longer necessary and the results of the survey are no longer depending on the objectivity of the surveyor.
  • By using the 3D scanner and an enormous step forward in accuracy has been made. perhaps more important is that the entire process is transparent and verifiable for all parties involved. We would like to advise you about the possibilities for a specific situation and we will inform you regarding the costs involved.

Bunker / BOB surveys

Before a period of charter service a Bunker or BOB (Bunkers on board) survey can be provided. This can be done as loose survey or in addition to the On hire Survey. During the survey, at the start of a period of charter service, we measure and ascertain the quantity of Bunker On Board on the specific time of the survey. Most of the time the bunkers mentioned in our report will be Fuel Oil, Diesel Oil, Lubrications and Freshwater. But off course the scope of the survey can be extended or minimalised according the clients interest. After the period of charter services an other survey will be carried out and a report of the consumed bunkers during the charter period will be drawn up.

Condition & Valuation Surveys

We are specialised to preform valuations aboard all kind of inland vessels, seagoing tugs and Deepsea barges and ship docks. Besides assessing the value of an object, we carry out surveys to determine the technical condition of the object, which is essential to assets the value of a object. All relevant Hull and machinery items are inspected and an estimate of the maintenance cost in the nearby future can be drawn up if required. we have experts who are registered with the VRT (Verenigd Register van Taxateurs).

Transport engineering

We can take care of your transport (by water) varying from the port of loading or unloading up to the complete transport from port to port. Planning, engineering, communication and supervision during the transport is what we can provide on a hourly, daily base or on a lumpsum base. Please inform and ask us where we can help you in order to have your transport carried out on time in a save and most economical way.

Ballast / Barge engineering

We can provide the engineering of a transport with barges / pontoons with all necessary calculations regarding Bollard pull, Tug selection, Towing gear requirements and ballast plan. The ballast plan includes stability and strength calculations, in optimization of the amount of ballast water to be taken onboard in relation to the IMO rules tegarding prevention of pollution by ballast water. A suitability survey of barges and tugs selected can carried out as well to assure the selected vessel are suitable for to job before a charter contract is signed.

Marine engine consulting

We have great knowledge regarding marine engines. As we have seen more than 3.500 damages sustained to marine engines in the last 25 years, we know how to prevent damages to sustain to engines by wrong application, wrong selection, miss use etc. We can advice you selecting the wright type of engine for the job or help you with a claim to manufactures or workshops with a warranty/guarantee claim